We begin our look at the challenges facing small businesses not only outlined from statistical research but also illustrated through a number of visualization templates Design Doctor offers to its customers. As we tailor our website design packages to fit you, any of these templates exclusively or in tandem with others are available upon request.

While online retail business continues growing an average 13% year-to-year as comScore reports, replacing brick-and-mortar businesses, what consumers do online is expanding well beyond retail sales to altogether replace daily transactions most used to do offline. So, what are people doing online? How can we hope to reach them without going where they go? A template from Piktochart illustrates well the challenge small businesses face.

Design Doctor also works with a broad range of webhosts from Wordpress and Wix to Squarespace and Joomla and many others. Since we tailor our design packages to fit your needs, let us know what works for you.

Even in a market saturated with high levels of visualized content, webhosts like Webydo and visual template creators like NounProject, Chartgo and Onlinecharttool recognize the importance of simplicity both in setting up your website and visual appearance to the consumer. Conveying essential information, without the clutter of extraneous data, not only avoids the slow load-times of overdone graphics but also frees the consumer to get what they came for and move on with other more pressing online tasks. Chartgo illustrates the authority of positive online reviews.

Column Five over at Intuit has created an infographic exploring further the use of social media by small businesses.

Through Piktochart, we see how crucial a part social media especially and web presence in general does play for business use. That influence is growing every year. While Facebook remains atop the expanding list of online networks, Google+ is clearly vying for that #1 place by next year. The challenge for businesses to tap into this vast area of the marketplace remains. Design Doctor is here to offer your business a wellness-check, to help you operate in what may be a perilous and unfamiliar arena. Effective online marketing calls for preparedness before we brave the cold. Design Doctor is here to keep you fit and at your best. We at Design Doctor want to help your business not just grow but thrive.