Having begun a blog just over two years ago called "The Importance of the Obvious" on the political philosophy of Calvin Coolidge, it began a journey that continues to take on new and unexpected proportions. It not only gave expression to my fascination with history, my passion for current affairs, and my years of studying a President few know much, if anything, about -- but also ushered me into the world of web design.

This blog will serve a dual purpose, 1. To feature material about Mr. Coolidge published on the original website over at Wordpress; and 2. To showcase what Design Doctor can do to help your business on its way to reaching new customers and keeping current ones.

These two objectives may seem too divergent, even contradictory, to some. However, Mr. Coolidge, as you can learn on "The Importance of the Obvious," was quite interested in the future innovations of technology, as radio, air travel and even television were enthusiastically encouraged by him during his years leading the country.

Even more essential, though, is understanding Mr. Coolidge's ideas when it comes to technology serving us and not us serving material power. Virtue, truth and those things that are unseen values, he believed, were not beholden to wealth, position or glory. Material resources did not define them, control them or dictate the terms of life to them.

Our Declaration of Independence and all those Charters of liberty that followed from it, including our Federal Constitution, made this so because they rested not on who occupied the seats of government but on an eternal order of things, rights and responsibilities established by our Creator.

Coolidge understood that there is something more transcendent than material might. He once said that all the physical trappings of prosperity, affluence, and progress would become a "barren scepter in our grasp" without those timeless, eternal things that undergird and make the advancement of civilization possible.

Not everyone may agree with this but this does not make it any less true or more false. Just like the challenge of stepping into the vast world of web business, we grow when we seek to understand someone on their terms, in their world. Perhaps by coming to know Mr. Coolidge better we will find he has something worth teaching about human nature, better business, and stronger leadership within ourselves, our families, our country, and in all we do.