The quote featured here by Design Doctor was attributed to Calvin Coolidge for many years, and some still think he authored it. This is likely because it sounds like him, resembling his crisp, one could almost "machine-gun style" of expression. It was even attributed to McDonald's founder, Ray Kroc, by "Dear Abby" in the 1990s.

The quote originally appeared in the 1910s as recurring filler for magazines and various publications and it is likely there that a young lawyer-legislator named Calvin Coolidge first saw it in print. As for Mr. Kroc, who was but a young boy at that time, likely saw the old quote during any of his many jobs from Red Cross ambulance driver during the Great War to radio disc jockey for WGES. Whether these men ever saw the quote at all is immaterial. They lived its truth. They imbibed its power and turned its incisive observations into very real success. Coolidge would reach the pinnacle of world power in public office before he was sixty. Kroc, on the other hand, would not realize the extraordinary world-wide potential of McDonald's until after his fiftieth birthday. Yet, both men understand and still exemplify the immense relevance of this statement.