We often hear the call to “keep an open mind” in the context of politics…but what about our work? What about our marketing approach? Do we ignore demographics in our social media strategy? Do we put all our focus and attention into Facebook, for instance, but ignore Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram?

We sometimes forget to go where all out prospective customers are…which often means we do not close doors on certain platforms - however self-defeating company decisions have been in the past year or two - but instead maintain them all to maximize your presence and impact.

The more places we can be seen, the better for what we do. Take the time to show up and you will often be the one the client trusts with their needs. Presence, even virtually, through social media, carries tremendous power. So, keep your mind open and multiply your impact with a deliberate presence across social media in all its forms. Those forms will be your ambassadors and continue to work hard for you, yielding results years after you have deployed them.